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With more people buying personal computers than ever before, there is a greater need to provide home PC users with proper support.

Since most computer stores don't provide follow-up service, the home computer user has nowhere to turn for help when they experience a problem. And there are many existing computer users who are having trouble with their older PC's.

Home Computer Support has been created to provide help to these users, in their own home, on their own systems.

With over 12 years experience in the computer industry, HCS will come right to your home or office, and get your system up and running the way you want! HCS will provide:

Doug Peterson
Doug Peterson
Assistance in selecting and purchasing the best system for your needs
Overall checkup of the computer, assessment of suitability to your needs
Regular maintenance visits, depending on your needs
Quick minor repairs at your business location

[Cartoon] HCS will:
Discuss your needs before you buy or upgrade
Put together on-site installations and setup new systems
Install hardware upgrades in your home or office
Perform software installations and upgrades
Tuneup and improve system performance
Provide maintenance programs for business computers
Make house calls to solve your problems
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