Our program & Points of Interest
Scientific studies have shown that children exposed to regular music instruction score higher on IQ tests, and that music improves their motor skills, encourages social interaction, relieves stress and stimulates language development.

...the way to encourage and enhance this [musical] growth is to start with what your child already knows and loves and expand from there.
Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect

** A light snack & refreshments will be provided.

** If you require an earlier drop-off time or a later pick up time for your child, please inquire
Please see the Registration Page for Application Form and time/place/date/fee information
We are offering a week long music program that is designed for 3-5 year olds.

You will...

  • Learn from 2 qualified instructors
  • Experiment with a variety of instruments and other sound sources
  • Explore the early classical composers
  • Sing a variety of songs accompanied by piano and/or guitar
  • Sing on a Karoke machine
  • Make music on an instrument
  • Express music through art
  • Explore music in nature (classes will be conducted outdoors if weather permits)